Call Me Case

Everybody meet Case!! This is my best friend, Melanie’s, newest edition and we are all just sooo in love! So stinkin’ cute y’all! Case’s official name is actually Michael Case, but he will go by his middle name since his daddy is Michael. Melanie and Michael decided to not find out what they were having,… Continue reading Call Me Case

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Confessions of a Infertile Cyster

     Oy, Infertility!  It is brutal.  Where to even begin on updates.  This will be more of a thought process blog then a well thought out planned expose. So I did some more rounds of IUI and no luck.  No pregnancy!  How is that even possible?! For each cycle there were at least 2-3… Continue reading Confessions of a Infertile Cyster


Indoor Gardening

     Does anybody else have some indoor plants? I’ve been attempting to improve the indoor green thumb over the past year and thought I would share briefly on my journey! I started with a seriously quick google search of foolproof indoor plants.  Ivy was my answer.  I wish I had a picture to share… Continue reading Indoor Gardening


Painting newbie

Confession: I have never painted! Maybe water colors in elementary school? But I’m talking about real paint….that actually holds the color….not the little crayola paint. It was so fun! Texas Art and Soul comes out and has a painting class regularly in my subdivision and I have never gone. This time she was doing “Starry… Continue reading Painting newbie


Baking with Quinn

So one of my favorite things to do besides photography is bake! And luckily, I have a husband and two little girls running around so all the goodies get eaten up pretty quickly.  I decided to go with a typical fall theme and make some pumpkin bread since the weather was slightly chilly and had… Continue reading Baking with Quinn