All Systems Go!

Just a quick update for my infertility story. I went to my appointment on Saturday and the on call physician performed my ultrasound. With the worst bedside manner she told me “I’m cancelling your cycle. You have too many follicles.” There is some back and forth between her and I that I feel would be… Continue reading All Systems Go!


Call Me Case

Everybody meet Case!! This is my best friend, Melanie’s, newest edition and we are all just sooo in love! So stinkin’ cute y’all! Case’s official name is actually Michael Case, but he will go by his middle name since his daddy is Michael. Melanie and Michael decided to not find out what they were having,… Continue reading Call Me Case

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Confessions of a Infertile Cyster

     Oy, Infertility!  It is brutal.  Where to even begin on updates.  This will be more of a thought process blog then a well thought out planned expose. So I did some more rounds of IUI and no luck.  No pregnancy!  How is that even possible?! For each cycle there were at least 2-3… Continue reading Confessions of a Infertile Cyster

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Ozzy Turned 1!

Yes…. I am THAT person! This my Ozzy.  He turned one on March 14! I am a huge dog person.  I LOVE dogs.  We go visit pet stores to play with dogs (and the other pets.) I want to have a miniature farm in my suburban backyard.  Am I a crazy animal lover? Guilty! But… Continue reading Ozzy Turned 1!


Cruz Newborn

My second session of the year and I got to meet this sweet little guy! I just love doing newborn sessions.  So much squish!  Although Cruz was already past my usual 10 day young age he still slept for me… and snuck in a few sweet little grins!  This was my first session using backdrops!… Continue reading Cruz Newborn


Ada turns 1!

I had not been doing very much with my photography last year and I wanted to change that for this year!  I started out this year with this little cutie and her mommy had the best setup! Look at those sweet cheeks!  Ada had the biggest smiles and was the happiest toddler (it kills a… Continue reading Ada turns 1!