Indoor Gardening

     Does anybody else have some indoor plants? I’ve been attempting to improve the indoor green thumb over the past year and thought I would share briefly on my journey! I started with a seriously quick google search of foolproof indoor plants.  Ivy was my answer.  I wish I had a picture to share but what was supposed to be the easiest plant and impossible to kill….I did it. I killed it.  I was not off to the greatest start. Luckily I did not let it deter me.  I went and bought a golden pothos and s silver leaf philodendron. These have done exceptionally well and encouraged me to keep going.

Golden Pothos

Silver Leaf Philodendron

Feeling like I had this indoor plant thing down I went a little bigger and bought this dracena fragrant (Mass Cane) pictured below on the right.  While I don’t consider it a complete success because it keeps getting brown on the tips it is still alive and growing news leaves!

Spider/Airplane Plant (left) and dracaena fragrans (right)

This little wandering jew joined my small plant family in the pot where my ivy met it’s demise.  My sister was growing this inside over at her house so she transplanted a few stems and this has been thriving quite well.

Wandering Jew

I just added that Spider/Airplane plant there in the middle along with that fancy pot on the left. In the next couple of days it will be hung in front of some windows; along with the silver leaf philodendron so we can admire those hangings stems!

I also attempted some succulents after the wandering jew did so well.  I bought a centerpiece pot for my kitchen table and put the little guys in.  I was assured they too would be difficult to kill and would do well.  Not so much.  They have all died and I am currently seeking alternatives for my elongated pot. Any ideas shoot them my way!


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