All Systems Go!

Just a quick update for my infertility story. I went to my appointment on Saturday and the on call physician performed my ultrasound. With the worst bedside manner she told me “I’m cancelling your cycle. You have too many follicles.” There is some back and forth between her and I that I feel would be… Continue reading All Systems Go!

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Confessions of a Infertile Cyster

     Oy, Infertility!  It is brutal.  Where to even begin on updates.  This will be more of a thought process blog then a well thought out planned expose. So I did some more rounds of IUI and no luck.  No pregnancy!  How is that even possible?! For each cycle there were at least 2-3… Continue reading Confessions of a Infertile Cyster



Infertility.  So many different things go with that one word.  Struggles, emotions, frustration…anger.  I’ll start by first saying that I know I am fortunate that I already have two healthy happy children and I count my lucky stars every day.  But I won’t deny that the infertility anger is still just as strong as it… Continue reading Infertility….