Wooldridge Creek Winery

We went on our big adventure about a month ago now.  All 4 of us packed into the Tahoe for a two week road trip.  It was by far one of the best trips I have been on.  We were able to see so many different areas and experience so much.  I’ll be blogging out of order but slowly will cover the trip in its entirety (hopefully..I’ve been keeping quite busy lately.)

First stop on the vacation blogging was my first experience with a winery! At the recommendation of our cabin host we visited Wooldridge Creek Winery. I had never been to a winery before but I really enjoyed the experience. I think going with my girls took a little away from the relaxing portion of the experience but this place was amazing!


They had an excellent tasting room that was super cozy and the woman pouring was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I asked a ridiculous amount of questions since I am new to the winery experience and she took it all in stride and was very informative.


While we were there they were pouring a flight of six wines. While I am new to wine and the tasting experience, I enjoyed every wine! There were some that were more dry and I didn’t prefer them; but all the wines seemed really….smooth? Crisp? I don’t know the wine verbiage but none of the wines left me with a horrible taste or regretting taking a sip. Wooldridge Creek Winery also makes their own cheese and meats that can be purchased with your wine tasting (they even sell it to take home!) Everything on the platter is made on site at the winery! It was simply amazing. Very fresh and light; the perfect snack with my wine.

The family and I opted to sit out on the patio to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. My girls loved petting the cat and hearing the goats in the distance.  It made for a nice little outing in the afternoon to try something new and relax.  I’m not sure how the local wineries will compare to the Oregon scenery I fell in love with but, I have looked up some local wineries here in Texas to go enjoy and try out!

 Thank you so much Wooldridge Creek Winery for a wonderful experience!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at your vineyard and truly hope I get to come back soon!


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